Q&A: Floriade and the EuPC22 in Almere?

In 2022 Almere will host the Floriade, one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in the world. The theme for this decennial expo is 'Growing Green Cities', a theme that sounds right up Permaculture's alley! Preparations for the event are in full swing, Almere is really making an effort to become a 'growing green city': from investing in becoming a trashless city to promoting urban gardening projects and even planting food forests in several locations. The Floriade in 2022 coincides with the bi-annual European Permaculture Convergence (EuPC) 2022, so let's make a meaningful connection between these two worlds and bring the EuPC22 to Almere! For those of you who don't know what these things are and why you should be exited, here's a small Q&A:

What is the Floriade?

The Floriade is a decennial expo that showcases the latest, best and most innovative agricultural practices and products. The Floriade has been around since the 1960s, it started as a flower- and garden show but it widened it's scope over the years. The last Floriade in 2012 in Venlo was open from the 5th of April until the 7th of October and hosted 20.000 vitisitors a day! See the Floriade website for more info: www.floriade.nl

What is the EuPC?

The EuPC is a bi-annual convergence with speakers, workshops, excursions, demonstrations and everything else related to Permaculture. The convergence is a place for permacuture enthousiasts from Europe and the rest of the world to come together, connect, learn and teach. See the EuPC website from the 2016 event in Italy for more info: www.eupc.it

Where are you in the organization process?

We are at the beginning of this adventure: first we will investigate the possibilities of hosting the EuPC and contact the organizers of the Floriade to ask if they will help us realize this permaculture party. To be continued ;)

Who are you? We are starting this journey with a small team consisting of Leo Bakx (Aardwerk), Joachim Muller and Irene Mouthaan (Living Systems), we welcome everybody who wants to join our team. It's also possible to do an internship (MBO, HBO and University level) in this project. Contact me (Irene) using the contact form on the homepage or send me an email

Photo by Christian van Elven via Flickr

Posted on the 29th of November, 2016